#07 – Estethica: What Lies Ahead | Fatima Njoya, Orsola de Castro, Matthew Needham, Meriem Lebdiri

Show notes

Designers have the power to create the future. Fatima Njoya, a writer for Vogue and Glamour magazines in Germany, leads this moving conversation between three designers who have walked very different paths: Orsola de Castro (Fashion Revolution, Estethica), Matthew Needham (Matthew Needham, Estethica), and Meriem Lebdiri (Council of Modest Fashion, Meriem Lebdiri). The four reflect on their careers, identifying critical moments of realization that led them to work towards changing the fashion industry. As a successor to de Castro's Fashion Open Studio, Estethica is a new collective of designers who have united around designing fashion for positive impact, putting their individual values into a concrete outlet, and fostering an international sustainable fashion community.

Hosts Max and Magdalena describe the power of a future-focused mindset, and what it means to have these designers represented at 202030 – The Berlin Fashion Summit.

The “What Lies Ahead” panel was paired with an installation of the Estethica designers’ work, art directed by Matthew Needham. For a recap of installation and panel, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxHtm8OyVVg. To learn more about Estethica and to see their full roster of designers, visit https://www.estethica.com/

202030 – The Berlin Fashion Summit is organized by studio MM04, in cooperation with the Beneficial Design Institute. It is funded by the Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises Berlin and is part of the Berlin Fashion Week.

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