202030 Podcast

At 202030 – The Berlin Fashion Summit, we believe in Fashion for Positive Impact. Here, the most cutting edge innovators in the fashion industry gather to share their work towards a new, bolder vision of sustainability. The organizers of this unique conference, studio MM04’s Magdalena Schaffrin and Max Gilgenmann, guide us through some of the summit’s most inspiring talks, giving their expert input and reflection along the way. Tackling topics from circular materials to cultural inclusivity, these speakers will inspire and make you think about fashion – and sustainability – in ways you didn’t expect. Vogue.com called 202030 – The Berlin Fashion Summit the most important fashion conference, and this podcast lets our listeners join the conversation. Whether you’re an SME, a designer, or just someone who wants work towards a sustainable future, we’ll keep you in the loop on how fashion can change the world – for good.

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202030 – The Berlin Fashion Summit is organized by studio MM04, in cooperation with the Beneficial Design Institute.
It is funded by the Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises Berlin and is part of the Berlin Fashion Week.
Press: Müller PR & Consulting