#06 – Fashion for Positive Impact: A Conversation with Friederike von Wedel-Parlow (The Beneficial Design Institute)

Show notes

This episode, we’re doing things a bit differently. Live in-studio, Max and Magdalena are joined by sustainable fashion pioneer and 202030 Summit co-organizer Prof. Friederike von Wedel-Parlow. Friederike has, for the past decade, been trailblazing the discourse around fashion for positive impact, regenerative transformation, and holistic design values. In this inspiring conversation, she traces her journey through storied chapters in the industry and in academia. By challenging norms and naysayers along the way, she has permanently left a mark on how we define sustainability. As Laurel Thatcher Ulrich once said, “Well-behaved women seldom make history.” It’s safe to say that with her long career of standing up for what is right and challenging the status quo, Friederike is definitely making history.

In addition to learning Friederike’s story, we hope you enjoy this peek into the inner workings of 202030 – The Berlin Fashion Summit, as the three reminisce on its founding, and speculate on a positive future.

For more information about the work of the Beneficial Design Institute, you can visit their website at https://www.bd-i.de/en/ and follow them on social media @beneficialdesigninstitute.

202030 – The Berlin Fashion Summit is organized by studio MM04, in cooperation with the Beneficial Design Institute. It is funded by the Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises Berlin and is part of the Berlin Fashion Week.

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