#24 – Reality Check: Sustainability & Culture | H&M

Show notes

Where do fashion giants stand on sustainability? In this arena of multinational brands, H&M is leading the transformation with its innovative pilots of circularity and new business models. Hendrik Heuermann, the Public Affairs Manager at H&M (Central European Region), sits down with 202030 Podcast host Max Gilgenmann in an honest and engaging talk about how the industry’s major players are tackling sustainable development.

In this conversation, Hendrik and Max touch on different ways that H&M is leading industry sustainability, as well as the greatest challenges. Looking at both sustainable work culture and sustainable consumption culture, what is feasible when influencing consumer change? H&M has tested product passports, rental models, innovative materials, and alternative communication strategies regarding sustainability. In the new wave of EU sustainability regulations, the two also muse on how large scale apparel corporations can meet ever-rising standards for production and communication. This reality check lends a window to the future vision of fashion at scale.

Learn more about Hendrik Heuermann’s work in this biopic: https://de.fashionnetwork.com/news/H-m-hendrik-heuermann-wird-public-affairs-manager,1405224.html

Learn more about the H&M’s sustainable development: https://hmgroup.com/sustainability/

Max references the Anders Levermann book Die Faltung Der Welt. Learn more here: http://www.foldingtheworld.net/

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