#13 – Meaningful Relationships & Regenerative Fashion Culture | B Lab Germany, Remei, Save Your Wardrobe, Selyn Textiles

Show notes

It’s no secret that modern fashion is built on systems of exploitation, extraction, and anonymity. And so, in the transformation toward positive impact fashion, a keystone is changing the nature of relationships: between stakeholders, between brands and customers, and even our relationships with the things we own. In this episode, three segments from 202030 – The Berlin Fashion Summit explore different approaches to how regenerative practices are built upon these meaningful relationships, forging a new culture of accountability and collaboration.

First, Marion Röttges shares the work of Remei, an organic cotton B2B company, and their ‘all-holder value’ approach to supply chains. At Remei, farmers and brand management work on an eye-level, fortified by tools for radical transparency and traceability. Next, Hasna Kourda explains how Save Your Wardrobe, the digital wardrobe management app which she co-founded in 2017, is changing how people relate to what they own. Rooted in practices of repair, care, and material longevity that she grew up with in Tunisia, Hasna envisions a new ecosystem of tailors and skilled crafts people. Finally, Max Gilgenmann interviews Selyna Peiris (Selyn Textiles) together with Annika Wohlert (B Lab Germany). Selyn Textiles represents Sri Lankan hand-loom craftspeople with a supply chain fortified by direct relationships and block-chain traceability, and Annika pairs this work with B Lab’s goals of setting new heights for the standards of brand citizenship. They remind us that as society recovers from the Covid-19 pandemic, we have the active choice to replace old, broken systems with regenerative networks.

To get inspired by this week’s featured speakers, you can go deeper into their work: Remei: https://www.remei-india.com/ Save Your Wardrobe: https://www.saveyourwardrobe.com/ Selyn Textiles: https://selyntextiles.com/ B Lab Germany: https://www.bcorporation.de/

Our hosts, Max Gilgenmann and Magdalena Schaffrin of studio MM04, continue to guide us with their insights on the recordings from 202030 – The Berlin Fashion Summit Edition #5: Active Alliances for Positive Fashion. For more information about 202030 – The Berlin Fashion Summit, including updates about our next edition, visit https://202030summit.com/, and follow us on social media @202030summit.

202030 – The Berlin Fashion Summit is organized by studio MM04, in cooperation with the Beneficial Design Institute. https://studiomm04.com/ https://www.bd-i.de/en/ It is a Partner of Berlin Fashion Week, funded by the Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises Berlin in cooperation with Fashion Council Germany. Press: MÜLLER PR & CONSULTING

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