#11 – Regenerative Business | Christine Goulay, Prof. Friederike von Wedel-Parlow, and Veronica Bates Kassatly

Show notes

From how we communicate, to how we plan for the future, collaborations are at the center of 202030 – The Berlin Fashion Summit. But what defines true collaboration? What elements does a future-proof collaboration require? This episode offers a pairing of approaches on how to conduct regenerative business, with collaborative alignment as a central theme.

First, Christine Goulay’s inspiring keynote ‘The Language of Regenerative Business’ applies the analogy of ‘love languages’ to how business partners communicate with and incentivize one another, to bring everyone onto the same page. Christine comes from a rich background working both with Edun Apparel and Kering Group, and now runs her own sustainable fashion consultancy, Sustainabelle.

Following Christine's insights on communication, Prof. Friederike von Wedel-Parlow and Veronica Bates Kassatly meet in an interview ‘The New Legislative Roadmap: Bridging Ambitious Sustainability and Corporate Reality,’ moderated by Geraldine de Bastion. Both speakers are familiar voices from Season 1 of the 202030 Podcast, but we wanted to know what could emerge from their dialogue. Friederike brings her expertise in sustainable design and education, as the Founder and CEO of the Beneficial Design Institute. Veronica, meanwhile, comes from the perspective of critical data analysis in fashion’s impact, most recently via her publication ‘Amplifying Misinformation - The Case of Sustainability Indices in Fashion.’ Enhanced by the great depths of their disparate fields of action, Veronica and Friederike discuss the concrete steps to be taken by government, institutions, and consumers alike, in order to align on positive change.

For more information on our speakers: Christine Goulay: https://www.sustainabelle.net/ Prof. Friederike von Wedel-Parlow: https://www.bd-i.de/ Veronica Bates Kassatly: https://www.veronicabateskassatly.com/

For more information about 202030 – The Berlin Fashion Summit, including updates about our next edition, visit https://202030summit.com/, and follow us on social media @202030summit.

202030 – The Berlin Fashion Summit is organized by studio MM04, in cooperation with the Beneficial Design Institute. It is a Partner of Berlin Fashion Week, funded by the Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises Berlin in cooperation with Fashion Council Germany. Press: MÜLLER PR & CONSULTING

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